Physiotherapy improves your mobility
and helps you gain new flexibility.

Our training enables your body
to enhance strength and stability.




An exact analysis of your health and training condition is the foundation of every treatment. Our diagnosis is made exclusively by careful consideration of physiotherapeutic aspects - always informed by your very own needs and complaints.

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Applying various active and passive forms of treatment can reduce or eliminate movement restrictions and pain, retrain healthier movement, inform body awareness and establish a better physical balance.

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A sustainable training is based on your personal requirements and aspirations. The range and composition of the training are individually tailored to your needs keeping a close eye on improving movement, posture and strength for an optimal physical balance.

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Based on your personal concerns, we analyse your state of health and training, your specific level of physical discomfort and pain, as well as muscle coordination and mobility problems.

To discover faulty movement patterns and mobility weaknesses, we use functional movement screening (FMS). Seven mobility and stability tests, analysing asymmetries, imbalances and functional chains of muscle groups in the body, resulting in a therapy and, if necessary, an exercise program.


Combined services from modern sports physiotherapy, classical physiotherapy and alternative methods such as acupressure and yoga show a significantly increased effectiveness.

The movement disorders of your body are analysed and interpreted by us to get to the underlying causes of the problem. With an individually tuned therapy program, we help you regain and maintain your regular fitness and quality of life.

Sports physiotherapy is a special field of physiotherapy. Sports physiotherapists have the skills to promote physical activity, counselling and adjusting rehabilitation and training interventions. This helps to prevent injury, restores optimal function and enhances the performance of athletes of all ages and abilities.


  • Equipment Training

    Strenght and fun with functional Equipment Training
    Device-based training can help you enhance muscle strenght, flexibility and coordination. Our practice works with Total Gym Systems (TM) - a versatile and complex training device - which works with your own body weight and gravity. You train daily physical activities and three-dimensional movements actively and functionally. With its playful component the training device is great fun.

  • Personal Training

    Coordinative strengthening through functional training
    With functional training you will learn complex movements to optimize the interaction of different muscle groups and movements. In this process you develop enhanced body awareness, coordination skills, stability and strength. Essential components of the functional training are the stabilisation, as well as the strengthening of your core and deep musculature. This process specifially targets abdominal and back muscles.

  • Yoga

    Balance with Yoga
    With yoga in private sessions, it is possible to respond competently and creatively to your concerns and wishes. The different requirements of every person require a yoga practice that is adapted to their specific needs and possibilities - this concept is called ViniYoga. The sequence of breathing, movement, relaxation and meditation exercises is individually tailored to you. In individual lessons, a personal exercise program will be developed with you, enabeling you to practice regularly and independently. ViniYoga is a way to become more active, to help and to learn to appreciate yourself.

  • Nordic Walking

    Straightening with Nordic Walking
    Nordic Walking is an optimal way to balance your office routine or give orthopaedic problems the necessary impulses for regulation. When walking with sticks, the thoracic spine is mobilised and straightened, the shoulders and neck area relaxed, the core stabilised, the hip joints stretched, the leg axes coordinated, the feet strengthened and stamina increased. Like cross-country skiing, but without skis, Nordic Walking is a joint-friendly alternative, a full-body workout with variable exercise options (walking, jumping, skating and running). With correct technique and therapeutic focus, Nordic Walking is an effective whole body workout.


At PHYSIONIKE we welcome all patients. You are treated like a private patient, whether legally or privately insured.

For privately insured patients physiotherapeutic measures prescribed by your doctor are billed as usual.

You may also visit us directly without a doctor’s prescription. The natural health practitioner’s service enables diagnosis and treatment in initial contact with physiotherapeutic remedies (for example manual therapy, physiotherapy, massage and many more.). All treatments will be charged after each therapy session. If you have supplemental medical insurance covering alternative medical care, you will receive an invoice directly from us and pay the treatment privately while submitting the bill to your health insurance for reimbursement.

If you are neither privately insured nor covered by a supplemental insurance you can still use our self-payer service. You will have the option of using the treatment as an extraordinary burden on your tax return. Should you have any questions regarding billing, please contact us via e-mail or by phone. We are here to help..


Physiotherapy, manual therapy, massage, lymphatic drainage, fango pack, heat treatment, cold treatment, physiotherapy on device.

  • Team Member

    Jutta Krämer

    Master of Sports Physiotherapy
    Natural Health Practitioner
    Yoga Teacher BDY / EYU
    Nordic Walking Instructor

    Jutta Krämer- Owner

    I completed my three-years of education as a physiotherapist 1999 in Berlin at the Vogler School. This was followed by various advanced training courses at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, California, USA with a degree in Shiatsu. In addition, since 2008, I have had a four-year yoga teacher education at the Yoga Center in Berlin. Years that widened my approach to a more holistic perspective of the human condition, giving me the opportunity to approach care for my patients from a greater variety of angles. 2012 I graduated at the University of Salzburg with a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Sports Physiotherapy.

    As a licenced practitioner (sektoraler Heilpraktiker Physiotherapie) I am able to independently diagnose and treat patients since 2015.

    An additional qualification as Nordic Walking Instructor further expanded the fields of my practice in 2015.

    Based on my knowledge and skills, as well as my many years of experience as a physiotherapist, yoga teacher and Nordic Walking Instructor, I am in the position to combine preventive, curative (treatment of acute or chronic complaints) and rehabilitating measures to help you holistically.



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